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Golden Farm
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Golden Farm Candies--Sugar Free, Salt-Free Candies with No After-Taste--Delicious gourmet sugar-free, salt-free hard candies, chewy caramels, old-fashioned taffy, swirly nougats, tasty chocolate candy bars and elegant boxed chocolates.  

We proudly bring the Golden Farm tradition of fresh, rich, gourmet flavors to each of our sugar-free candy products, including delicious hard candy, chewy caramels, old-fashioned taffy, swirl nougats, tasty chocolate candy bars and elegant boxed chocolates.
Look for these fine candies at retailers across the United States & Canada.


Hard Sugar-Free Candies
Hard Candies

Sugar-Free Taffees and Fruit Chews

Sugar-Free Chewy Nougat Swirls
Nougat Swirls
Sugar-Free Caramels
Sugar-Free Chewy Chocolate Bars
Candy Bars
Sugar-Free Elegant Boxed Chocolates
Boxed Chocolates

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